UFC and SHOXC on same night?

Heard SHOWXC is trying to move the date to the 24th. I hope so, I will end up watching the UFC. How bout you?

On the 24th I will be attending a live local fight ringside and then the next day watching the UFC while tivoing ShoXC! Good end of the month of me baby!!!

They did move it to the 24th for that reason. Good move imo.

Due to venue issues (i think) its back to the 25th

Anyone looking to sponsor Dr. Seth "Mass Destruction" Kleinbeck please email me at matt@kickboxingandbjj.com

cool i hate having to make decisions on which mma show to watch. spreading things out makes for a happy fan

They did move it to the 24th great move...I agree!

Klienback..aren't u fighting Jaime Jara.

Im Seth's manager, yes he is fighting Jaime Jarra, and it is on the 25th

"I like EliteXC but their ratings are a joke. The ShowtimeXC last weekend pulled 96,000 viewers...that is awful. UFC all the way."

Why would you care(or know) what the ratings are? Why do people cheer the orgs and not the fights?

if they moved it to fall on the same day as the UFC, how is that a good move?

well as opposed to not having a venue its a good thing

Where is the shoxc card going to take place?

Vicksberg Conv. Center

AUG 25th

bad timing

Timing is everything.

They usually show replays of the ShoXC events don't they? or didn't they? Anyone know when that would be on?

not that i'm ready to fight right now because i'm injured but i was told that i would be on both shows so far and both times nothing ever happened

i feel that i am qualified to be on this show but whatever i'll just get healthy and fight on other organizations that don't bold face lie

good luck to seth klienbeck and all the other fighters

wow dontplay, who are you? my popup blocker is fucked up and i cant check

btw thanks for love to Seth

tivo is everything.