UFC announcement on ESPN

not sure what time this is but:

Monday afternoon, UFC Fans will want to catch ESPN's 'The Hot List' for a big UFC announcement

Probably an official announcement of Griffin/Bonnar II, which we're all aware of already.


3:00 P.M. est


ufc.tv has a quick release about the announcement.

I dont think ESPN gives a shit about TUF 4 or Bonnar vs Forrest.. It probably has to do with something that they're associated with, like maybe they'll start covering the shows, maybe they'll show highlights, maybe they've signed on as a sponsor, etc..
Something along those lines.

I think the Hot List is on ESPNews

doubt it's Pride related, most ppl in north America will be "huh, who?" regardless of whom they announce.

it won't be a fight, it will be a broadcast deal or something...