UFC announcing very inconsistent

Baroni punches a referee (not just once), and
afterwards Rogan is making excuses about how
Baroni has a point, that the referee should know
the fighters, and that he's sure Baroni didn't mean
to freak out, and how this will make for a great
rematch. Not ONE word about fines or
suspensions. Then after the very next fight he
goes into a tirade about John Marsh throwing a
freaking water bottle and starting a riot, and
actually made excuses for Cabbages actions. I
have nothing against Joe Rogan, I think he's a
funny guy and a great asset to the sport of MMA, but
we really need someone who will be a little more
objective. Goldberg is OK and helps balance
things a bit, but his obvious biases come through
as well.

Hands down mmost dissappointing UFC in recent history!!!

They need to get someome in there with some serious commentating skills.Rogan loves the sport but is only there because of his celebrity status.