UFC app - Samsung Smart Hub

I just picked up a new 60" samsung 4k smart TV this week and noticed there was a UFC app available so I downloaded it last night, but I've got a few questions.

Tonight's ppv is available to order but listed at $44.99 and doesn't say if it's in HD, or give you the option to choose a HD stream. Has anyone watched a ppv through this app? If so, did you have any issues with quality?

I downloaded the ps4 live event viewer app as well, so that's also an option if this app turns out to be a bust. Any feedback of the ufc app or live event viewer would be greatly appreciated. Phone Post 3.0

Ive orederd on my Ps3 through live event app. It comes down to how fast ur internet is. Didnt have much issues with it though it did restart the app once. But booted bck up quick Phone Post 3.0

Do you have any idea if you're able to pause, fast forward and rewind? Thanks for the info on live event btw. VU Phone Post 3.0

Yeah order on ur ps3. Samsung app lags like a motherfucker, i have tried to use it a couple of times but constant buffering makes it useless. Phone Post 3.0

Just ordered it through the PS4 and had a nice little surprise upon checking out. Not only was it $44.99, but apparently playstation gave me a $10 "gift card" and I was able to apply it to the PPV. thanks again for the input and VU Phone Post 3.0