UFC at fault for NBA riot


Artest even has the same haircut as Evan Tanner!

"We had to know something was going to happen, right? You could practically hear the ticking. Surely the Pacers had an inkling. After all, Artest has spent the last few years as a loner, watching Ultimate Fighting Championship DVDs on the team plane on a laptop that is missing half its keys."


Wow that's sad that this jackass is blaming the UFC for a person watching their DVDs and then fighting.

sick, Artest is a UFC fan, he should try out!

I've been known to run through JFK,bouncing a basketball after along flight since I watch nothing but Old Celtic games on my PC.

"As a rookie with the Bulls, Artest applied for a part-time job at Circuit City."


so many metal things to watch out for on the court...

link for the lazy

It's cause he watches UFC DVDs on it! Probably practices gnp on it while watching or something. UFC DVDs will do it to you. If you play them backawards you hear demonic incantations telling you to go play basketball for alot of money and then loose temper and go beat up a fan.

He is a pussy who ran from Ben Wallace too afraid to get off the table
to face him, yet more than willing to go in the stands and attack a
skinny white kid (innocent kid). He is a punk.........

That's outrageout to blame UFC for Artest's actions. Obviously, Pride is at fault.

Ufc is not to blame for this the overpaid arrogant basketball players are to blame.Guns don't kill people people kill people.Ufc/MMA are not be blamed for this society in general is just getting out of control.

Ah, so guns are to blame.

No not guns I was just trying to make a point that people have to take responsability for there actions,and noy blame it on other shit.

"As a rookie with the Bulls, Artest applied for a part-time job at Circuit City."


Same thing i thought Jacket. A serious WTF?!?!?!

circuit city? I heard it was best buy so he could get the employee discount.

seems odd to me but whatever...