UFC being shown in a barber shop!?

My girlfriend alerted me to the fact that The Good Life Barber Shop, a self-described "upscale downtown Austin barber shop" will be showing the UFC tomorrow night. (Click on Events at the top.)

hmmmm....This location is not on the closed circuit list.



For some reason, I can't access the closed circuit list w/o the page crashing

Thats funny. It's also being played at a barber shop near me in Port Jefferson Village.


there are 11 bars in vegas that show every ppv.....

um, ok, thanks for that non sequitur, mongo

saucy, it has less seats than my living room. lol

lol, they're still busted.

well sijan since you were ratting on your barbershop friends I thought I would help you out. my story makes you seem like much less of a snitch.

don't know them at all and never been there

had no idea I was busting them until Saucy mentioned it - they advertise it on their damn website

sijan, snitches get stitches.

a bit, but not real close.  Saw American wrestle Harvard a few weeks ago