UFC Belt Defenses - who will last?

Apologies if this topic has come up recently; if so, I missed it.

It occurred to me today that NOT ONE of the UFC's current belt holders has defended their title yet, at least not in their current run as champ:

155 - Sherk. 1st defense will be Franca.

170 - Serra. 1st defense will be Hughes.

185 - Silva. 1st defense will be Marquardt. It was supposed to be against Lutter, but Lutter couldn't make weight, so that was a non-title fight.

205 - Jackson. 1st defense will be Henderson.

265 - Couture. 1st defense will be Gonzaga. Couture was previously UFC heavyweight champion, but he hasn't defended his current belt yet.

So here's the question: who will hold their title the longest?

Sherk, maybe Silva



Jackson, say hello to Shogun.

A. Silva might have a chance at a long streak if he beats Nathan M. But I don't know if he will.

Randy is fine unless Fedor comes.

Serra, even tho I luv this guy's personality is gonna lose IMO. I'm not trying to jinx him tho, he just seems like such a great guy.

I just think Sherk has the match-ups that go in his favor.

Sherk will have the longest run of the current champs.

WHo will lose their belt 1st? My pick is Silva, I think Nate will be able to take him down and gnp his way to a decision. I'm hoping for a ko from Silva but Nate is no slouch standing and smart enough to avoid Silva's strong points.

Sherk beats Franca(via unanimous decision)

Hughes beats Serra(via prison style rape)

Marquardt beats Silva(via submission, round 3)

Henderson beats Jackson(via unanimous decision)

Couture beats Gonzaga(via stoppage, 3rd round)

Couture re-retires after 2 fights

Sherk loses decision to Rich Crunkilton in 4 or 5 fights.

Accordingly, Sherk holds the belt the longest.

I go with Sherk and Silva.

I see Silva, Randy and Serra losing in their next fights.

Rampage will beat Hendo and Sherk will likely beat Franca.....of those two I see Sherk more likely to win his second fight.

The Barn Cat will beat them all. Everyone doubts him, I don't think one person has ever predicted that he'll win, just like in the Spratt fight, he proved millions wrong. None of those belts are safe from the Barn Cat, he'll crush those guys easily, and after he does I'll remind everyone how they doubted him.

Sherk, probably.

Silva is going to annihilate who ever comes in his path Silva. I think Sherk to but I'm rooting for Franca he deserves it.

Yeah Sherk will probably keep his belt for now...The rest of the guys are tossers...Bunch of tough fights coming up that's for sure.

ttt for the Barn Cat!

Anderson Silva...

Silva has a good shot to last long if he beats Nate. but alas, i see marquardt winning that fight. For sherk it depends who they match up with him. Franca could beat sherk, but sherk has to be the favorite. The rest of the belts are a revolving door for a while

I think Rampage has a better chance to win this race than most people are thinking. He should beat Hendo, and then his next defense might be against either Rashad or Chuck, both of whom he should beat. It's not until his third fight, which might be against Shogun, that he could be in trouble. And even then, I think it's 50-50, given how much Rampage has improved under Juanito Ibarra.

Meanwhile, Sherk is going to have a tough fight against Franca. I don't see Sherk finishing Franca, except on a cut, so he's going to have to weather a lot of attacks. Can Sherk survive for five rounds against Franca's overhand right? It only takes one punch.

He can survive.

Sherk = Donna Summers?

Sherk v Penn FTW!