UFC Belt Defenses - who will last?


ooh, snap

If Sherk gets past Franca, I think he could hold it for a while. However, Franca is a BADASS!

glock, so you think sherk would beat penn?

I think Rampage will last the longest, unless shogun comes in. This time I think Wandy will loose to Page

Serra is the first to lose IMO.Sherk is a close second in a super stacked division.Randy will beat Gonzaga in a sleeper.Silva will lose to Nate.Sherk might get past Franca but there is just too much talent in the div.I think Din Thomas has the perfect style to destroy Sherk.I'm going with Hendo in Rampage's defence but Rampage does have a chance and if he does get past him it's smooth sailing until the Liddell rematch.

Very tough question. I don't think any of the current champs will still have their titles twelve months from now.