does anybody have anything from the ufc brazil?

i THOUGHT you bought the poster that was on Ebay?

yeah got a fighter pass i was an alternate.

yeahhhhhhhhhhhh rigggggggggggght....



I have a poster

I will buy it if you would like to sell it. How big? How much?

to small and to much necka! try the potugese forum on sunday nights.

how do i listen to the riggs interview? thats twice now ive been fucked buying over the internet!

Listen up son. Leave yo Yuma trailer and go back to Kmart. They will give you your 14.99 back for that Kraco dvd player. Then, go slang some meth in Havasu and buy a 5 dvd changer like dadda's. Then, think about steppin.


BTW, Jeremy, you are the wind beneath my wings