Bring this retired UFC champ back into the Octogon. Been sitting on the couch watching some of his fights from earlier UFC events and he is a force to be reckoned with even now.

I know Frank has said he will never fight in the Octogon again but everyone has their price.

I can't imagine it happening, but I would really enjoy seeing Frank fight some guys his size in UFC.


Frank has said he would want part ownership to go back to UFC. There is bad blood there and I don't see it ever happening.


highly doubtful

Frank said on mmaweekly radio, that they would need to offer him 10 million$ and 50% of the company

in other words, hes not going back to the UFC

Frank vs Ken would be cool

The only guys who might give him a run in the mw and ww divisions would be ace, hughes, penn, or gsp.

Anything is possible....

Frank has a very steep risk/return ratio these days. If it took 100 grand getting him in the ring with a 40 year old guy with no real competitive experience, you can figure out how much it would take for him to fight Rich Franklin or some other top fighter.

It was actually 1 mill a fight not 10.

Just wait til tomorrow. You will see some news.

Ahhh Frank. The first guy that said F U to Dana's peanuts. If he fought at 185 I think he is THE man to give Franklin a run for his money.

Frank Shamrock may be all done ...he may have nothing left...

Other than Fedor vs. Arlovski, Frank Shamrock vs. Rich Franklin would be my dream matchup right now.

Frank will go down just like Ken did....

this man will beat him... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Qs41NhcFzs&search=bj%20penn

I'd like to see Frank Shamrock back in the UFC, but like the majority of people here have said, it'll never happen.

I would love to see him back in the UFC.

Just maybe it will happen, NOT...