Ufc buying out bellator and wsof - smart business

Dana has always had a joke when it came to questions about these organisations. I would of thought buying out these organisations would have been a good move, the ufc got to the top of the mma organisations because it bought out the other companies so they were in complete control. It's not like the ufc doesn't have the money they could easily make all the money back plus more in a few cards featuring a lot of there new fighters they just got by buying the businesses. I would consider it smart business and a money making opportunity to buy over they businesses, but then again I don't own a successful worldwide company. Just my opinion thoughts? Phone Post 3.0

FinestScotch - Lol Bellator and WSOF are a joke

Bellator has a 4-man LHW tourney with King Mo and no Emmanuel Newton - who's beaten Mo twice

Completely illegitimate jokey promotions holding some unfortunately good talent
Newton is fighting for the title a few weeks after the tourney begins. Phone Post 3.0

Isn't Newton the interim champ?

Not a knock on WSOF, but aside from JAG, Gaethje, Moraes and Georgi, there's not that much talent there the UFC is probably interested in.

I'm sure the UFC isn't interested in guys like Rumble, Arlovski or Kyle given their past with them.

Thatd be a terrible business move with GSP bringing the monopoly topic into public. WSOF and Bellator are #3 and #2 respectivley, that wouldnt look good at all. Phone Post 3.0

It's worth keeping in mind that the measuring stick for #2/ #3 promotion seems to be how many cut ex-UFC fighters the promotions have collected.

If the UFC didn't feel that fighter X was currently at the 'UFC-level', I'm not sure that becoming the big fish in the little pond changes that. (Some exceptions eg Alvarez, and some guys have been able to show improvement, but I mean in general ) Phone Post 3.0

that would be terrible for the ufc. wsof and bellator have a lot of prospects that the ufc may eventually want, but for now, someone else is paying them.