UFC card not that bad....

Seriously, I think this will be a pretty good card.

Hughes/St.Pierre will be great, as will Trigg/Verisimo.

I'm not sure why, but I think Tanner/Lawler might be a lot of fun.

The Beastman is still fighting, although why he's not fighting Tito I REALLY (!!) don't know.

Yes, Tito/Cote is a joke of a main event, but who knows. Cote has very heavy hands and a good wrestling background, maybe he'll give Tito a headache (or a nap).

There are a few other fights that sound good but that escape me now.

Bottom line, despite the disasterous last two weeks, the UFC still has a pretty good card on the table with a few great fights.

Oh ya, the Freak vs. Ivan Salaverry! That'll be great!

Considering all of the injured fighters that have pulled out, I think that the UFC has done an admirable job with this card. There's lots of top fighters and most likely several entertaining fights.

True, but I think this card is actually better.

Plus Phil Miller!

You're wrong again, Redneck (nothing new about that). The main event was never that great, but the rest of the card was awesome- and it's still quite good.

Whoa! Thonolan'sGhost got outta bed bed pissed at Redneck!


I have to agree this card is still stacked and I cant wait to see Travis Lutter vs Marvin Eastman, this fight will be the fight of the night.

Thanx Sam