UFC Cards Have Been In Shambles Lately

Man I’ve never been so uninterested in the UFC since I started watching. The past month has been complete shit. They really need to start hyping up some fighters. The UFC seems like they are terrified to actually build stars because they know said “star” will just bitch and ask for more money. Before everyone brings up the Glover fight, don’t act like you actually paid to watch that fight, or were heavily invested before the fight. I used to get pretty excited for cards, now it’s just like who cares. Add the shitty judging, shitty WMMA, drawn out decisions, shitty cards, lack of promotion, biased commentary, obvious steroid use, champions rarely fighting, it’s getting pretty stale. Everyone is probably dying from anticipation for Saturday’s card.


The last 2 cards have ended up being phenomenal. 275 looked like dog shit on paper and it more than delivered


Here comes Vegito to tell us this is the greatest stretch in UFC history


These threads are getting so old


Just say you’re not a fight fan. Say you’re a big name fighter fan….

I don’t know anyone on PFL cards excluding the fighters who came from UFC and they always deliver



Arman vs Gamrot is going to be nuts.


The main event is pretty high level, and Rakhmanov is a strong prospect who may well end up in the title picture soon. Ulberg/Nchukwi could be fun too. Not a huge card obviously but for a free card its fine.

i do agree that theres been a drought when it comes to big cards recently though. Things are about to pick up in July, thats a pretty stacked month.

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How are these free fights? They’re not. There’s no legitimate way to watch them for free in the US (without illegally streaming). If these prospects get to the title, they’ll just bitch and say the UFC should pay them. Just like everyone else pretty much. Rinse and repeat. It’s starting to become a problem. But you get the same UFC fanboys who don’t give a shit. You could bring 2 fucking homeless guys in, say they’re both 20-0 and put them against each other and UFC fanboys won’t question shit.


MMA has gone global. A lot of the fighters today just aren’t promotable outside of their own areas. The average American couldn’t even pronounce half of the names. 99% of them don’t show any unique style or personality to make themselves memorable which doesn’t help either.


It’s always funny when people who consider themselves the “true, hardcore fans” expose themselves as casuals LOL

Like damn, your brain was able to process a shitty kickboxer with no takedown defense vs a shitty wrestler with no subs or GNP, because it was simple. Very basic narrative there, basic fights with not much happening.

Now, every fighter on every card would be champion if pitted against bums like that, they’re pulling out insane high level techniques, anybody on an undercard could do some mind-blowing shit that’s never been seen, and your mind can’t follow the action. It’s sad.


Crazy isn’t it, this weekends was insane… They were looking at breaking quite a few records. Are we against knockouts and action now…

UFC London was the best MMA event I’ve ever actually been to…


I’m a fight fan. I can watch pretty much any card. I’ll admit, I thought 275 looked bad but I still watched and it was awesome

Not every card needs a Diaz, or McGregor, or Brock Lesnar, etc.

Now yes do I dislike WMMA for the most part sure. But as I said the two women fights on 275 were both good


The funny thing about this past Saturday is, I was at work for it but since it was free on ESPN I put it on the TV at work

Several people were watching with me and it was a Home Run of a fight card. Now I got a few of these losers into MMA which is cool. Now I finally have someone at work to talk to about combat sports lol


Terrible UFC cards have been the norm for years and years now.

PRIDE FC > UFC. Better rules, better fighters, better cards.


UFC sucks


I hate the whole “theres no personalities” “no stars” “the UFC promotes the brand not the fighters” etc etc talk especially, because in reality its got nothing to do with how the UFC promotes or a supposed lack of exciting fighters, its simply that every month now you’re seeing like a hundred different fighters in the octagon. Yeah no shit you’re not gonna remember all the names and faces like you did when there was a handful of cards per year centered around the same few fighters. It doesnt mean there are less stars or less fighters worth watching than there was in like fucking 2005 or whatever.

I like watching Magny get knocked out so it will be fun for me to watch. Also Tsarukyan is a really good fighter and so is Umar Nurmagomedov…

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There were more than two, the prelims girls stunk it up badly…

On a Dana White Q&A video I found this . Lol