UFC Cards Have Been In Shambles Lately

I’m an admitted big name fighter fan. If I just wanted to watch fights, I could find them for free all day long on YouTube, and many are better than what you’d see in the UFC.

More random people on the street would tell you Chuck or Randy’s name than anyone fighting today if you asked them to name a fighter.

More random people on the street would tell you Chuck or Randy’s name than anyone fighting today if you asked them to name a fighter.

Chucks 3 biggest drawing fights on PPV:

Tito 2 - 930k
Rampage - 675k
Shogun - 650k

Randys 3 biggest:

Brock - 1m
Tim - 530k
Nog - 435k

(The Chuck/Randy trilogy did 49k, 280k, 400k)

Conor/Khabib - 2.4m
Conor/Dustin 3 - 1.8m
Conor/Dustin 2 - 1.6m
Usman/Jorge 1 - 1.3m
Usman/Jorge 2 - 700k
Usman/Colby 2 - 700k
Adesanya/Jan - 800k
Adesanya/Costa - 700k
Adesanya/Vettori 2 - 600k

How much mainstream coverage was the UFC getting in the Chuck + Randy era compared to today? how much of an international presence did it have? how many broadcast deals around the world? what about the additional exposure from the internet via Youtube, social media etc that wasnt really a factor in those days?


Covington Usman 2 sold over 700,000 PPV’s for comparison

I agree. I hate that there are places for fighters to go fight!

Like it used to be when it was epic

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I’ve never heard any casual fan mention Adesanya, Jan, Costa, Vettori, Dustin, Usman, or Masvidal by name. I have heard them mention Chuck, Randy, Tito, and Brock.

If casual fans knew who the fuck those guys were they’d be asking for more money and wouldn’t be fighting. Just like EVERYONE else.

No, I would think larger & better adverstised, promoted.

This fight was promoted correctly & an awesome event!

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Shiiiitttt…. I’ve been here since like ‘03 so I’ll probably leave when they pull the plug on the forum or on me. Whichever happens first.

Casual fans know nothing about Chuck unless they are in their 50s. His last KO win was 16 years ago.

That’s not true at all haha. 50??? The UFC wasn’t even the top org when Chuck was fighting dude. You’re soooo hardcore. You must be 55 so it makes you that more of a hardcore fan.

Jorge was fucking huge in 2019. All that street Jesus, three piece and a soda shit broke into the mainstream. Just think how many people will have seen that flying knee KO. This Colby assault stuff recently has been reported in mainstream media internationally too.

Colby went to the fucking White House and met the president. Ngannou is in the new Fast and Furious and Jackass movies and was invited into the ring and interviewed in front of a crowd of like 90,000 after a major boxing world title fight etc etc…

Well then what’s the obvious conclusion here?

Your whiny annoying bitch attitude leads you to interact with other undesirables, which leads to skewed polling results, which you then use to confirm your retarded priors.

I mean, who’s saying I’m not recognizing those two things?

It’s not my job to enjoy the fact that middling fighters are getting an opportunity to win a mil.

Edit: and it’s not even actually a million. It’s $700k to win in the final and 1 million in totality including all their playoff wins and that doesn’t include whatever paycut they take to fight in the regular season.

Playoff wins only guarantee you anywhere from $50k to maybe $100k and only one guy is guaranteed the million while the runner up gets something like $300k and everyone else settles for a few $100k at the highest. Once you look into the payout structure, the PFL isn’t even that impressive in terms of actual and expected payout. A lot of guys could have moderate success in the UFC, never win a title and still earn more than PFL fighters. So, whatever. I don’t really care and the fights and events there have been pretty mid anyway.

EVERY casual knows these 3…seriously?

You could learn from what I’m saying. Or you can remain ignorant. Your choice.

No. They don’t.

Cards have been great lately. Watch or don’t watch. Your choice