UFC Cat Video

If this has already been discussed, I apologize, but thought it hilarious...


Perhaps it should go on the OG?

I posted it last week and the meanies made fun of me.

Good luck.

What jerks made fun of you for that? That is one of the best videos out there! TTT

Great vid, and the commentary is hilarious.

I liked it...twas funny how good the commentary fit how the cats were fighting. But did you really think you weren't going to get made fun of by calling anything "cute" on the UG?

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way old

so that's what happened to john heffron.

and who said winning last comic standing was pointless?


The video isn't a news update, doesn't matter if it's old. It's funny

Agreed.  Its just needs to quit being posted on here. 

I haven't seen this in a while. Thanks for posting. I forgot how hilarious this is! :)