UFC champ denied entry by 'racist'


The funny thing is it works both ways.I have friends who can't get into the States who have records from University as well.

He's just falling under the same rules as anyone else.

His being denied entry has more to do with the fact that he tried to enter Canada using his brother's ID than his criminal record.  He was trying to come to Winnipeg for Cage Wars, and he knew a few days a head of time he may have trouble getting in, but tried anyhow.

So he couldn't get in cause his brothers black?

i once got turned away from entering the states because my baby cousin was with me and they thought i was abducting him(had no letter from his parents stating it was ok to take him)...it was a chick guard, sexist imo


I once got stopped at the border and frisked by a black woman.

She stopped when I started taking off my shirt. Apparently a frisk is done with clothing on.

Racist imo.

Rampage and Winnie Mandela have something in common:

"Why you all hating on me, because I'm black?"... Of coooooooourse that MUST be the reason... what other possible reason could there be? Especially if it was a "WHITE" guy who denied him entry... Unless of course if you count... an ASSAULT charge...