UFC champion and the UG

Im fairly new here and was wondering if there has ever been a UFC champ that has posted on the UG while he was champ? I hear some of the veteran UG'ers say that alot more fighters used to come here so I was just curious, thanks. Phone Post 3.0

Evan Tanner comes to mind.

Oma Phone Post

Oh wait you said ufc not midwest Phone Post

Ronda Phone Post

Ronda and Tito

Shane Carwin (Interim)

4 UG'ers, that's cool, kind of surprised there aren't more. Phone Post 3.0

Still think Ian will be the champ soon. That would make 5 if it happens Phone Post 3.0

Not to many champions, but a fair amount of active UFC guys post regularly Phone Post 3.0

Has Matt Serra posted? Phone Post 3.0

War Master
Maurice Smith
Tim Sylvia
I think Bas has not 100% on that one

Forgot about Sylvia and Josh. That's the kind of list I was hoping for! Alot of fucking badasses there. Phone Post 3.0

Lotta green in this thread! thanks guys. Phone Post 3.0