UFC champs taking a stand against Dana?

Wouldn't it be spectacular if the UFC champs had somehow conspired to extort Dana similar to how police get the "blue flu" during union disputes?

Brock out of bouts until way into 2010.

Silva out of bouts until way into 2010.

Machida out of bouts until way into 2010.

The Christmas / New Years PPV would be a vicious time to strike.

I don't know what they would be holding out for, considering how well-paid they are, but Dana has screwed over a lot of fighters so my creative mind kicked in when I heard this.

And yes, fine, we'll say the Antidote had the courage to organize and lead this rebellion by pulling out of the Tito match and crippling the entire PPV.

Brock does seem to have the kind of personality to tell Dana that he's too sick to fight then purposefully put himself on international television having a blast. He's got that kind of cocky demeanor, whether it's real or not.

And what could Dana do to punish him? Strip him? Fire him? He'll just fight somewhere else and prop up Dana's competitors.

Dana would have to bite the bullet, bend over... and co-promote. To bring in the one guy who could beat into Brock like Ike into Tina.


yeah, let's have the best fighters not fight, woo hoo

Man, this trolling shit is fun. It's like going to a creative writing class. I don't want to have to put the work in to reach the level of Gangsta101 or Cre, but if I put in a few hours every week I could reach an intermediate level.

Ryase - I doubt anyone is conspiring but yes, 4 out of the 5 champions being injured or ill sucks.

Did I miss one? Penn is sick? GSP is injured? I only know of 3 ill champs.

nhmmafan -  


first off, without defining the laundry list of stupid thoughts in that post, Coleman didn't cripple shit. TITO is the reason that's a main event, ROFL, not coleman. he couldn't even make the main card last fight.

Rampage leaving, Henderson salary demands... there's change in the wind!

Can you smell it?

It smells like..... interim champions!!!

I dont even care  about who are the champs....so long as they put on good fights.. 

Interim champs across the board!

Maybe Brock, Anderson, Machida, Overeem and Cung are going to start a rival organization.