UFC Choppers on Discovery (pic)

January 7th, January 14th and January 21st episodes of Southern Steel will feature the UFC Choppers.

Southern Steel, Discovery Channel - 9 pm et/pt


awesome! also like the TV spots for the new show on SpikeTV.

Nice ... bikes.

what bikes?.... oh


Nice Bi...kes

Nice pose Saucy!....


I could say something to that comment but since this is the UG, I'll refrain.

Does the chics come with the bike? =)


Nice Pics, even if you can't really see the bikes


ttt(just to save on my threads)

post more pics of the...uhhh... bikes.

Not bashing, but why are they called UFC choppers? I can't see anything UFC on them; all I see is "Milwaukee Iron" all over them. Is there something I'm not seeing?


Fuck the bikes, who is the chick with the brown hair?