UFC Considering Chandler vs Gaethje

This makes the most sense.

Right. He smoked Hooker worse than Dustin did. And he was doing very well against Charles.

Right now, there is a case for and against everybody in the conversation in the LW division other than Dustin.

-Case for Justin: Demolished Tony – a far more violent beatdown than Dariush or Charles. Had Khabib in a bit of trouble. Was on a 4-fight win streak before that.

Case against Justin: Quickly finished by Khabib in his last fight.

-Case for Chandler: Smoked Hooker; competitive with Do Bronx.

Case against Chandler: 1-1 in the UFC.

-Case for Islam: Dominance

Case against Islam: no big wins.

-Case for Dariush: massive win streak. Dominated Tony.

Case against Dariush: his win against Tony feels a bit like Colby’s win over Woodley – just a bit late to feel as special. No other huge wins.

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