UFC DVD on Sale Today (pic)

Wtf? I live in the UK and I bought UFC 43 2 weeks ago! To prove it one of the extras shows Vitor cutting weight running laps round mats and Yves cutting weight on a bike while being interviewed. I can't believe we got it first! NAAH NA NA NA NAAH!

Oh yeah, is this dvd the same as the ultimate kos that is already out? I fso, is part 2 gonna be released separately?

those pics on the front of the dvd suuuuck and how many ultimate KO vids can you make?

The stores near my house were all sold out, so I had to special order it.

I ordered my at Suncoast for $12.99

When is Ultimate KO's 1 & 2 going to be at Blockbuster and Hollywood Video?