will the old ufc's ever get released on dvd's?

That's a good question. There's been plenty of best of DVDs, but the events before UFC 39 haven't been released.

I have 1-10. All homemade

They should release UFC 1&2 as a trial run - just to see how sales are. I'd bet those are going to be among the most purchased of their events.

will 43 and 44 have all of the prelim fights? I remember
some drama about UFC releasing some DVDs that don't
have the undercards. Anyone?


You can buy UFCs 1-6 on dvd in the uk but why bother?

I can totally understand that there is a greater demand for the new events and that with limited resources then you supply the greater demand.

I currently maintain 37 DVD authoring systems for a major university & have authored more DVDs this year alone than UFC ever has.

I'd be willing to do this as a side project for a more than reasonable price, just to have them myself.

So those of you in contact with the powers that be, pass that along.


Zuffa probably doesn't want to remind people of how cool the UFC was with less rules.

I wouldnt buy them. It would be a waste of money. I already have all the UFCs on tape. Most of them I havent watched in years. If they were dvds they would collect dust just the same.


Pluss those VHS tapes quality degrades over time. DVd's do not. In a few years you might not even have a VCR anymore. I got rid of 1 of mine and replaced it with a Tivo. I have a DVD recorder as well so I've been putting them on my own DVD's as well but many of the undercard fights were never aired. And again the VHS quality isn't that great to begin with and you loose some quality in the transfer process.