Ufc editing/censorship

I'm just watching the UFC ultimate submissions dvd and during Nate Diaz's fight with Kurt pellegrino they blur out Nate giving the finger when he locks up the triangle.

So it's OK to watch people punch each other in the face, people go unconscious or bj lick the blood off his gloves but it's not OK to watch someone give the middle finger?

LOL at the UFC! Phone Post 3.0

That's typically a standards and practices thing and yeah, it's weird as shit. You can watch CSI that has a half decomposed body spill out of a barrel with brains and blood leaking on the ground but if that corpse exposes its nipple they get a fine.

I highly doubt the UFC is blurring anything objectionable on its own. Sponsors or corporate logos on apparel yeah but middle finger is likely a network policy. Phone Post 3.0

That would make sense except it's a ufc produced dvd... Phone Post 3.0

They compiled it to DVD but they also edit that footage for TV. If they put the blur in for TV I doubt they would go back and take it out just because it's DVD.

And they are likely under those same kinds of arbitrary regs to sell DVDs. If they didn't blur out that naughty finger maybe they couldn't get Best Buy to carry the DVD, who knows? Well, somebody knows but I am fairly sure the call to blur out a middle finger didn't start internally. Phone Post 3.0

They edit the walk out music and add in generic guitar riffs on all their dvds. They also removed air hendo from ufc 100 as well as Brocks comments about getting on top of his wife. They're ashamed to be who they are. Phone Post 3.0