UFC entering busy season?

Just noticed the next UFC event is on August 16th, and then from that date to Oct 4th is 7 Weeks.

In those 7 weeks the UFC has TEN events. Thats nuts!

What's a UFC? Phone Post 3.0

Are those like those boxing matches like the WFA? Phone Post 3.0

Some pretty good cards mixed in their... I'm all for it. But I gotta admit 3 weeks without ufc is a little weird to handle right now. Undersaturation. Phone Post 3.0

Its awesome. Hard to believe theres still 2 more weeks to go until the next ufc event.

Not too pumped about the Maine event but it sure beats not having any for 3 weeks. Phone Post 3.0


It is weird, but I almost prefer the every two month event schedule because it seemed I cared more and got more excited for them.

I said almost

Plus TUF 20 mixed on there somewhere. Phone Post 3.0

There's no card til the 16th!!???? Phone Post 3.0

I HATE THIS 3 WEEK BREAK!!! Phone Post 3.0

They had 9 or 10 events in the two months before the break. Phone Post 3.0

Lorenzo keeping it Italian, August is for vacation.

See you in Santorini. Phone Post 3.0

I love when weeks like this happen. It's painful having to wait till the 16th. Especially since the past 4 or 5 events have all been pretty awesome.