UFC ever going back to Taj Mahal?

I wonder if the UFC will ever go back to Trump Taj Mahal again.

Maybe they can have "The Apprentice" cast members, help out with that event. Show the fighters on "The Apprentice" not fighting, but getting ready, warming up, checking into their rooms, and etc.

It can be a great exposer to MMA.

wouldn't it be sweet if the next apprentice had a mission at a UFC event?

Next on The Apprentice:

The teams must find a way to get enough alchol to Tank Abbots room to make him pass out and not ruin the show.

UFC 31 at the Taj was the first UFC I went to. I've been to 6 more since (including 2 in Vegas), and it was the venue I've been to.

"UFC 31 at the Taj was the first UFC I went to. I've been to 6 more since (including 2 in Vegas), and it was the venue I've been to. "

Where else would you go apart from the venue? ;-)

Well, as far as nightlife and everything else, obviously Vegas is the best place to be... but for the event itself, I prefer the Taj Mahal.

I like the Taj because it's 10 minutes from my house. As opposed to Vegas, which is many many more minutes from my house.

They will save their 2nd Rate shows for the east coast. Their biggest shows will be in Vegas.

so the last couple UFC's were first rate?


I just hope they keep having East coast shows at the Mohegan Sun. Any news?

Euphoria MFC, the promoters of "Russia vs. USA" from March 13, will be back at the Taj Mahal for 2 events by years end.

It's my understanding UFC 50 will be at the Mohegan Sun in Nov/Dec.

im sure they will

I doubt it. The arena is too small. That is why they moved it to the Board Walk convention center. Trump said that last time it was at the Taj he had to sell closed circuit tickets to accomodate everyone because the Taj only holds 6K people.

Mohegan Sun is great except that 99% of the crowed there is fucking retarded,I had to listen to BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
For all of UFC 45 even during some really good fights.

TTT for an east coast UFC

The bigger shows will be in vegas and the 2ndrate should be on the east coast.

I am really sick of the whining about the Mohegan crowds. I have been to all of the cards there, and the crowds have gotten better with each show. The only notable booing at the last one was during Ricco vs. Pedro, which deserved it and more.

I dont agree that all the big shows should be in Vegas. I guess the east coast was used by the UFc then in the early 30 UFc events.

I'm hoping they have another one in AC soon.