ufc facebook comments lol

 just looked at the ufc facebook comments on the announcement of the randy vs nog rerun

it seems about 75% percent of the ppl think this fight is live lol

heres some of the gems:

"Screw Fedor. The guy is so ridiculously overrated. I'd rather watch a Couture replay than a live Fedor fight -- until he actually steps up and fights someone worth mentioning. The guy has yet to fight a big-name competitor at the top of their game."

"u ppl look like a bunch of idiots trying to look like u no mma if u wanna learn some real stuff join the ufc forum on ufc.com this shit is like two months after it goes up for discussion over there"

this one shows what an incredible job cbs has done at marketing:

"Well since Strifeforce is a PPV i will be watching UFC 102 on saturday. lol."

hes a little off:

"that fuckers soo old man.....the fights gonna be gay...hes to old hes gonna lose his breath first round"

and heres a young lady that will apparently be disappointed saturday:

"GO RANDY!!!!!" 

and a UGer shedding some intellect on the comments:

"Uhhh...watch a fight I've already seen or watch the Best HW fighter in the world on CBS...hmmm...I think I'll watch Fedor. Nice try, Dana White, you fucktard."


Sounds like the very same people posting on this forum.

 GO RANDY,, I hope he beats nog on the replay

Retard -  GO RANDY,, I hope he beats nog on the replay

i think he will, hes already seen all nog has to offer, no way he gets those sweeps again

 Haha, the UFC facebook comments are an awesome read, nothing better then someone who knows shit trying to expand his vast mma knowledge to the rest of the idiots there.

 Hope Randy beats Nog there I said it.  LOL

Randy is not the same fighter which he was the last time he fought Nog.

I'm thinking of putting a screen name bet on sat...