UFC Fight Night 48 results & discussion

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                                UFC Fight Night 48 results & discussion

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                    <p>The UFC Fight Night 48 takes place Saturday, August 23rd in Macao, China and the main event features a middleweight bout between Michael Bisping and Cung Le.</p>

Main Card (Live on UFC Fight Pass, 9:00 AM ET)
-Michael Bisping vs. Cung Le
-Dong Hyun Kim vs. Tyron Woodley
-Zhang Lipeng vs. Brendan O'Reilly
-Ning Guangyou vs. Jianping Yang 

Preliminary Bouts (Live on UFC Fight Pass, 6:30 AM ET)
-Danny Mitchell vs. Wang Sai
-Alberto Mina vs. Sheldon Westcott
-Roland Delorme vs. Yuta Sasaki
-Wang Anying vs. Colby Covington
-Royston Wee vs. Yao Zhikui
-Milana Dudieva vs. Elizabeth Phillips

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In like Flynn Phone Post 3.0


Reminds me of:

Haven't slept yet. Hope there's a few good fights to make it worth it. Phone Post 3.0

3:20 in the morning. Still up. 

How long till this starts? Phone Post 3.0

^just started

On now Phone Post 3.0

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dbeedy - 

3:20 in the morning. Still up. 

Welcome to the world of non-us ufc fans !
Im happy that i can watch ufc during my breakfast for a change

Damn I forget about that sometimes. I dont know how you guys do it.

It must be a bit nippy there Phone Post 3.0

War Dudieva.

And is this on btsports? Phone Post 3.0

Goddamit, stop losing dominant positions, girl!

Go Cung!

esque - 

I enjoy the Goldie/Florian combo.

Yes, an interesting change-up.

Thank God they replaced Anik.

colby covington's debut.. anyone that's followed genghis con's series will remember him

Yea that was a robbery.

Good call esque

esque - 

I bet Dudieva gets a split decision.

Holy shit!

That surprised me.

Not exactly as I scored it, but whatever