UFC FIGHT NIGHT: Bizzarro World

Pretty strange that fighters of the caliber of Nathan Marquardt, Tony DeSouza, Thiago Alves and John Allessio are on the undercard while most of the other guys on the card should be undercard fighters.

I totally agree, really want to see the prelim fights so much more on this event.

Marquardt I didnt see the fight against Salavery, is was out of the country and have just never seen the fight. I did enjoy his next fight, then he got the suspension. I think UFC is gunshy after the suspension and lackluster inital effort, and want him to prvoe himself again.

Alves - very exciting fighter, probably the fighter I most want to see on this card. Explosive, hard puncher, and jui jitsu. Could be a contender with some experience.

DeSouza - only a brief glimpse of him years ago, anxius and curious as to what he brings to the table now.