UFC Fight Night: Fiziev v. Gamrot thread


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Soon my fren.

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Lets go Gamrot, Jourdain & Mitchell. Rest Idc about who wins

I hope Ige buries that flat earther.

this chick is even uglier than that abomination Cheetara

This seems like a solid card

How can these women be this slow?

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A whole lot of testosterone in the octagon right now.

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You guys really watching this trash fight over Bellator?

People watch Bellator?

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Fuck, I wish you could sports bet in my state. Bryce Mitchell at -200. I would unload my bank on Dan Ige.

I tried watching the PFL once. Made it through about 3 fight…c level talent.


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I’m watching both. Ufc on the tv, Bellator on Paramount+ on my phone. Let’s go Mads!!

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Michael is asking for a lot from these gentlemen.

brotha you’re watching two women fight who are throwing punches like they’re under water. They arent even D level lol

Bellator talent level is also a lot higher then PFLs

Titty shot?

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No doubt, currently Bellator is airing the better fight.

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