UFC Fight Pass Invitational 7 Fight Card

No. 10-ranked lightweight contender Renato Moicano will make his UFC Fight Pass Invitational (FPI) debut later tonight (Weds., May 15, 2024), LIVE from the promotion’s APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Brazilian will battle Submission Hunter Pro champion Cristian Guzman at 170 pounds. Headlining the UFC Fight Pass-streamed grappling tournament will be the heavyweight contest between Nicky Rod and Mason Fowler.

You can catch all of tonight’s grappling results and highlights in our LIVE UFC FPI 7 results thread beginning at 8 p.m. ET RIGHT HERE.

Here’s the complete UFC FPI 7 fight card and grappling lineup:

Main Event:

Nick Rodriguez vs Mason Fowler (Absolute)

Co-Main Event:

Renato Moicano vs Cristian Guzman (170 lbs.)

Main Card:

Kanyan Duarte vs Luke Griffith (Absolute)
Giancarlo Bodoni vs Gabriel Arges (200 lbs.)
Reanto Canuto vs Aaron Wilson (170 lbs.)
Jay Rodriguez vs Johnatas Gracie (185 lbs.)
Raquel Canuto vs Aislin O’Connell (145 lbs.)
Piter Frank vs Rafael Domingos (185 lbs.)
Oliver Taza vs Pedro Rocha (195 lbs.)
Helen Crevar vs Aurélie Le Vern (145 lbs.)

Each match is comprised of one regulation round (Regulation Time) and one overtime period (OT). There will be no positive points awarded in Regulation Time. Athletes can incur point deductions for illegal guard pulling, passivity, and stalling during regulation time. The overtime period will include both point scoring and deductions. Negatives from Regulation Time will carry into OT.

Referees and Judges

  • The referee is the only person who can assign positive points or enforce stalling penalties.
  • Judges, with unanimous consent, can adjust points assigned in error.

Judges may correct points if the referee assigns an incorrect amount.

Orange flag on judges table will indicate point correction.

  • Judges will have indicators to signal the referee when they feel:

Warning should be given (Yellow)

Stalling should be enforced (Red)

Referee will take judge’s notice into consideration but will retain sole discretion on call and enforcement of Warnings and Stalling penalty.

  • Referee, following a warning notification, can enforce a stalling penalty. In their sole discretion, referee may:

Apply a negative point.

Reset position.

Both - Negative point and reset position (This is the most extreme and shall be applied as a last resort).

  • If there is no submission and OT ends with a tie in points, the three judges will determine the winner.

The match will be judged in its entirety. Regulation Time and OT performance will impact final judging result. The main and most impactful judging criteria is who is the aggressor and is initiating the action.

Positive Points

There is no repeat scoring. The athlete cannot voluntarily give up position to score from the same position or digress to and/or from a less dominant position to score. Scoring positions must be held for 3 seconds before points are awarded.

  • Passing the guard = 2 points.

Guard Pass must result in a controlling position.

  • All Sweeps & Reversals = 2 points.

Reversal is when an athlete changes the position from bottom to top and establishes control for 3 secs or more. A sweep into a submission will not be awarded points until the submission is escaped.

  • Knee on belly = 2 points.

The opposite leg must be extended out with knee off ground for entire 3 seconds for points to be awarded.

  • Takedown – all takedowns = 2 points
  • Points will be awarded once opponent is on the mat and a controlling position is established for 3 seconds.

Takedown into another scoring position will result in cumulative points — i.e. a takedown into mount is 6 points – 2 for takedown, 4 for mount position.