UFC Fighter Responds to Backlash After Anti-Brazilian Comment Caught on Tape

At last night’s UFC Vegas 54 Andrea Lee lost a unanimous decision to Viviane Araujo. However, the fight itself has been overshadowed by what was said in Lee’s corner between rounds.

Cameras caught her boyfriend, and fellow UFC fighter, Tony Kelley making a disparaging remark against Araujo and all Brazilians.

“That’s what they’re gonna do, they’re dirty fucking Brazilians,” Kelley said. “They’re gonna fucking cheat like that. Guess what? We came to fuck somebody up.”

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Brazilians are a race?


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If the fight was with someone from Alabama, and a cornerman says “These fucking cheating 'Bama bitches”

does anyone write a headline about it


Through out history if you fked up you got ostracised. Now snowflakes yell about cancel culture like its a new thing…its only new cause its happening to you.

History is full of fucked up stuff. Doesn’t make it right.

“Throughout history people have been enslaved. This is nothing new.”

The fact that you support cancellation and slavery is very telling.

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Im confused…is Araujo not Brazilian?

I approve of his reply and I am sure that matters to him exactly as much as it should.

Brazilians want to be exempt from this they should first stop being a bunch of dirty animals.

Their arena chants YOURE GONNA DIE and a whole crowd yelling TINY DICK at Asian fighters etc

If you are gonna be a fighter or a fight fan none of this should bother you.

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