UFC fighters dont make $$$ my ass!

chuck liddell.


that is all.

Who cares where the money comes from, just give me some of it

beauty house

sponsors he got from fighting in the ufc. Remember only certain sponsors are allowed.

PPV gate, fight purse, sponsors, and winning incentives = a lot of money...

^^ Who cares where it comes from?

doesnt matter where it comes from, sponors, ufc, ppv, whatever. They are making that money because they fight in the UFC.

I didn't like the All Access thing tonight, it's just kind of a UFC Cribs show, not saying he will lose to Tito, but I think Chuck is getting a little too comfortable being champ. Kinda reminds me of Rocky in Rocky 3 before he gets beat by Mr. T.

they both are tough mofos...Tito did choose to stand with Chuck that first fight, poor decision, but tough, nonetheless

exactly, who cares where it comes from, he deserves it.

tito didn't choose to stand with chuck

It's about damn time these guys make bank!!

Fighters get paid from MANY sources.

Fighting, clothing sales, merchandise sales, sponsorship, advertisements, and other payments depending on the fighter/promotion, etc.....

Its easy to assume that 5 years ago, the fighters were making 5-10% of what they're making now. (Per fight...and maybe 1-2% per year.)

The guys at the top are making money...others are still making a good share of money. The sport is in a state of massive media frenzies and this alone, along with multiple television shows, monthly PPV's and almost monthly UFN's, is just a small look at whats to come.

I was more impressed with his $187,000 vehicle.

Seeing how Chuck only has a few years of earning left in him (from fighting) I hope he has put a chunk in the bank for later in life.

the f430 spider (what i think he has) is actually priced north of $300K. even if he had the coupe, those are around $250K or so...either way, both come with $12K tune-ups @ every 10K miles

"you think chuck is making 2-3 mill a yr?"

My guess is maybe more. As for him putting some money away, he is an accountant after all.

Chuck loves to fight. Guys like Tito and Rampage would do something else if they had the talent to act or something. Fame motivates Tito and Money motivates Rampage. They have both said it on numerous occasions. Chuck would fight for free. He deserves everything he has earned.

immaculate is correct

Chuck fights because he loves to fight.

"Chuck fights because he loves to fight."

Check out his post-fight interview on UFC, he still has tape on his
hands and he's saying, "I can't wait to fight Rampage again". He says it
so matter-of-factly that you get the feeling that if Dana called in
Rampage while Tito was limping out of the octagon, Chuck would have
fought him right there.

Still, when I watch Chuck fight, he makes me think that he's going to
get owned at some point, but then bam - fight's over, Chuck's cashing
his check, and getting ready to fight again.