UFC fighters getting lazy?

I'm curious. why is it that guys like CroCop and VS can fight two weeks apart, (Jan. 31 and Feb 14) but guys like Tito fight twice in 15 months. The typical delay between bouts for UFC guys is at least 2 months and that is if they do back2back shows.

Cause Silva and Cro Cop aren't facing anywhere near appropriate competition that they'd have to train long and hard for.

KOP and Jon Kellett are correct

Neither of CroCop's opponents belonged in the ring with him. He didn't have to prepare much for either opponent. Vanderlei Silva didn't fight Jan. 31...but he does fight often against inferior competition.

Tito would fight more often if the UFC fed him scrubs every once in a while...but the UFC doesn't work that way

great feedback guys...good points as always