UFC fighters VS other orgs?

Lets say if UFC ever cross promoted and they matched up these fighters, who do you guys think would win and how? just curious on opiniions

Of course 1st choice would be Cain vs Fedor, 2 quick well rounded heavyweights

Brock vs Lashley, 2 ex pro wrestlers with very good wrestling

shogun vs mousasi, great strikers who are well rounded

jacare vs maia or palahares, great bjj guys

lawler vs leben, both great punching power and good chins

cung vs anderson, great stand up guys with fancy moves

kawajiri vs maynard, great strong powerful wrestlers

gil vs edgar, well rounded quick LWs

aldo vs hioki, both great fighters, plus hioki just beat sandro

Let's say I win the Powerball lottery instead

Cain vs Fedor = ???

Brock vs Lashley = Brock

Shogun vs Mousasi = Shogun

Jacare vs Maia or Palahares = Jacare

Lawler vs Leben = ???

Cung vs Anderson = lol get real.

Kawajiri vs Maynard = Maynard.

Gil vs Edgar = Gil

Aldo vs Hioki = Aldo







Kawajiri/Maynard = i cant come up with an answer to this even for this theoretical card.

Gilbert, but i would rather see Alvarez fight Frankie, who i also think would win


Wouldn't surprise me if ufc fighters won every one, or at worst dropped only 1. Anderson would wreck that dude Phone Post

What about Brian Stann vs Tim Kennedy? 2 very hard working military vets, who are well rounded in MMA

Herschel Walker vs McCorkle = McCorkle

Bobby Lashley vs McCorkle = McCorkle

Cristiane Cyborg Santos vs Manny Gamburyan = Cyborg