UFC "Fixes Fights" via Ring Rust - article

blue63 - mmamania is a fucking joke like 90% of the MMA Media

they habitually run with stories that aren't fact checked or are fabricated from random trolls on MMA forums<br type="_moz" />

Easy there man, I always go to mmamania first, it's one of my fave sites.

Mike Russell -  He lost me at "loose" fights...

Me too...

Hack Job indeed. The writer obviously gets a ridiculous notion in his head, and then presents select data, bereft of any objectivity or perspective, to subjectively attempt to make his point.

Lets hope the writing skills of the MMA media continue to evolve with the sport. Perhaps its because everything MMA related is scoured from the internet and brought to the UG, but there still seems to be a helluva lot of crap 'writers' out there employed by MMA websites.

 MMAMania is not a bad site.  Jesse Holland does good work.

As stated, this is just a post from a fan.  How this atrocity found it's way on their site is beyond me, but I wouldn't write off MMAMania as a whole because of this lump of shit.

Normally like/checkout MMAMania, but that's as close to pure blown conspiracy theory as you can get.

EDIT: That's actually a fan post, not an MMA Mania article FYI.


That arcticle made me want to smash my head in to my desk repeatedly so I would lose consciousness and forget it ever existed

Randy came back and beat Sylvia to take the HW belt after a year off. So I guess I should write a story about how taking a year off makes you win titles...

Are these accurate stats or are they selectively choosing which ones to include?

Stats can tell any story you want them to...84% of all people know that.

blue63 -  This post is going to seem pretty fucking stupid once Carwin KTFOs Mir.

that being said, you mean a fight promotion books fights that are favorable for them to promote and lean towards the more promotable fighter!?!?!  no fucking way!!!!!!!!!!



 Im still pissed about Sherk having to go back to manual labor to provide for his family then getting the call to jump back in against St Pierre. He had no chance given the circumstances.