UFC for smaller fighters...

Some of you may remember i proposed that Zuffa create a show just for fighters that are 155lbs. and under...and maybe have them in Asia and Latin America.

Well, here is a suggestion for their first show...

These are some of the most exciting fighters at under 155lbs.!

UFC 48.5 (All their subsequent shows could use the .5 instead of coming up with an altogether new name...IMO, this would give them an excuse for using that to begin with ;)

Miami, Florida

Fight Card:


146 - 155 pounds

Duane Ludwig (10-2) 155lbs. *Linear Champ*
3rd Dimension


Marcus Aurelio (10-1) 155lbs.
American Top Team


Yves Jabouin (7-2) 149lbs.
Montreal, Canada (ALL 7 WINS by KO!)


Jake Hattan (10-1) 155lbs.
Team Akumu (5 SUBS/3 KO's!)

136 - 145lbs.

Jeff Curran (21-7-1) 145lbs. #9 contender
Pedro Sauer Team (12 SUB WINS)


Remigijus Morkevicius (8-1) 143lbs
Rings Lithuania (FIRST 7 WINS BY KO!)


Charlie Valencia (6-0) 136lbs.
Submission Factory


Yoshiro Maeda (9-0) 139lbs.
Pancrase Inagakigumi

126 - 135 pounds

Kentaro Imaizumi (8-2-1) 132lbs. #1 contender
Sk Absolute


Jason Reinhardt (9-0) 135lbs. #3 contender


Jeremy Bolt (13-6) 135lbs. #2 contender
Integrated Fighting Academy


Masahiro Oishi (7-6-4) 132lbs. #4 contender
K'z Factory

125 pounds and under

Mamoru Yamaguchi (10-2-1) 123lbs. *SHOOTO CHAMPION*/#1 contender
Shooting Gym Yokohama


Shawn Ramage (9-1-1) 125lbs. #2 contender
Williams Combat Grappling


Robson Moura (2-1) #3 contender
Nova Uniao


Edward Sanchez (2-0) 125lbs. #10 contender
Back Alley Camp

If you think this wouldn't be an exciting card then your nutz...look at all the grappler-VS-striker matches...

...and this would be just the beggining! :)

They already have an event to showcase smaller fighters,it's called Shooto

oh yeah...and it's televised too!?


It's not too hard to see if you really want to.

If you want to see a televised event with smaller guys watch Pride-Bushido then

BTW,I don't think the above would be an exciting card

braddahshano808 please find a spot for Ivan Menjivar on that card!!!

ttt for that...


"braddahshano808 please find a spot for Ivan Menjivar on that card!!!"

he's on the UFC 48 card

anyone that doesnt think this would be an exciting card is NOT a true fan of MMA!

PRIDE Bushido? not even close to being what i am suggesting

and half of these fighters are never seen in SHOOTO

obviously you never saw my previous thread about a UFC show for smaller fighters

i cant believe no one thinks this would be a great card!

what do we have on the UG these days...a bunch of WWE rejects!???

what happened to the days when we had intelligent posts from members like Ryan Graham and Rich Santoro???

Sounds good.

SHOOTO doesnt allow singlets :(

singlets? i think your in the wrong sport or the wrong ground...try the wrestling forum

I dont see KID on that list... Bogus

smaller fighters make better fights IMO . The main reason why is CARDIO and TEMPO . You can have great heavy weight fights but on average the little guys are better . For those of you who didn't see the Torres v Ackerman fight you would have seen what I'm talking about . I don't think there are more than a handful f heavys that could have went that pace for 15 minutes . I'll see if I can get Johnny Walls to put it up to show you . Or you can go to his site and watch it . It's on the video magazine towards the end .



Gotta have Jeremy Bolt on a card like that.

no mma is good for singlets too

that is all


thanks vincen!

Some one needs to make this happend. The little guys fight at such a fast pace it is almost always exciting. My little bro is 135 and is 1-0, but it is hard to get him fights because of his size. It would be cool to see more little guys fight IMO.