UFC Game Worth Buying an XBOX?

I see the game is getting 8 out of 10 scores and it seems to have a badass career mode, which is key for me because I dont play online. With that said is it worth buying another XBOX for? I had an XBOX RROD on me and I vowed to not buy another but with this game getting good reviews I thought maybe a cheap XBOX arcade could be in order.


XBOX Ardcade 150 + UFC 50 = 200

Worth it? 

The career mode is not badass, it's actually quite short. You'll get roughly 30 fights and be forced to retire. I'm having fun playing it but I'm not entirely sure how much replay value it will have after a few days.

At the worst you could trade it in for fight night round 4 when it comes out at the end of June, so.. sure why not.

Truth. I thought it was amazing on the first day. Yesterday it was pretty good.

Not enough fights and you only get a few generic fighters to go against before you need to start fighting real fighters, who have much better stats.

The career mode is good, but it could be much better. You should retire based on age not on amount of fights. Just make the stats top out eventually.

 thanks guys.

my decision is to either invest the 200 to get the box and the ufc or just spend 50 on Punchour for Wii.

of course fight night 4 will be tempting me at some point. maybe ill buy the box when that comes out and the ufc.  not sure.

im itching to play the game with the UFC tomorrow.

how are the controls?

can you do career mode with an established fighter or does it have to be a custom fighter?

is their enough to single player content to keep me busy?

Career mode has to be with a CAF. I would say get the game, because it really is alot of fun. I mean, I've played through 3 careers in 2 days, I'm a little burnt out. The only really shit feature is the autosave, but just install it to your hard drive and your load times will be better.

I didn't think the career mode was as good as I expected it to be. I guess I was hoping for more of a story line or something.. eh whatever. The online play is fun, even though i fucking suck


if ufc is the only game you're buy an xbox for, i'd reconsider.

I cant stand it now, Im playing online and it's fucking impossible to win. Im like 4-12 and i just got Knee barred by Rampage wtf is that bullshit.

oh and the grappling controls are fucking stupid.

Im so close to breaking my controller, I think people are cheating online. Match starts the dude as Matt Hughes takes me down as GSP and I cant get back up he then gets mount and body punches me till the ref stops it. I was completely green and fine I also couldnt move at all or cover up. WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS GAME.

Why am I as 4-13 fighting people with 8-0 records?