UFC get Silva: now's the time!

I remember a while back everyone was pushing to get this guy, until he lost to Takase. However, with a big win over Horn, proves he's back. This is exactly the kind of guy you need in the MW division. Snatch him up now, before Pride does again.

Not to sound like bizarro Larry Bird, but the UFC needs a little soul in the organization. He'd be a perfect fit!

Anderson would knock Robbies head off.

The UFC had signed Silva via his agent in late 2001: he was going to fight Carlos Newton.

Apparently, Silva himself had signed a deal with Pride at the same time. You can guess what kind of mess that turned into. I doubt we will see Silva in the UFC.

Anderson would own in the UFC. I'd like to see him fight Lee Murray.

I've heard from many people that the silva vs horn fight had alot of bullshit stand ups.I guess they favour toe to toe stand up wars in Korea...But still, if horn got ripped off , thats bullshit. Lets see this fight in Pride or the UFC