UFC gets props in MaxBoxing.com

hey. being a boxing fan, i found this article on www.maxboxing.com. doug fischer gave props to the UFC. here is a short except from the article. here is the link to the entire article:


How is boxing going to get back in the mainstream if we keep getting this crap while the UFC clearly knows how to cater to their audience and put on great pay per view worthy attractions? I've always followed boxing and thought it was more entertaining, but damn it's getting kind of hard to argue the superior sport. What say you my man Dougie? Regards. – Blair

"By the way, I don't even try to argue which sport is superior, boxing (in the U.S.) or the UFC, anymore. Hands down, MMA is the better organized, marketed and contested sport. I love the craft and the sport of boxing, but as a business and an industry boxing has fallen the f__k off."

here a reader expresses his opinion and doug sets it straight.

Then watched UFC 69 were Matt Serra upset Georges St. Pierre then watched the Tivoed Clottey v Corrales fight. Anyway, I just can't get that into the UFC thing. To me, there seems to be a lack of skill there that I can't get past. Sure, a nice takedown and a great submission hold is interesting to watch, but if the guys decided to stand up and punch, it's a little better than watching two drunks on the street. I can't help but feel the talent is actually worse than it was in the 90's when you had Royce Gracie, Shamrock, Bas Rutten and Mark Kerr.

Doug's response:

"Regarding the stand up/strike portion of MMA fighting, it's useless to compare it to boxing. MMA and boxing are two different sports. One sport makes use of gloved fists as offensive tools; the other uses the entire body. We cannot expect MMA fighters to have a stance and similar punching technique as boxers when they have to be aware of and defend against take downs and kicks.

Wow...good stuff.

I think maxboxing has always been friendly towards MMA..

Dougie used to be my editor! Guy tells it like it is, no BS.

Dougie is a Columbia University Journalism grad. MMA woudl be wise to get with him. He seems to respect the sport and anyone who has read his stuff for a period of time knows he is a very smart, well spoken guy who does a very good job of checking his personal bias' at the door.

What do you mean MMA would be wise to get him? Who exactly is representing MMA?

probably to get him to our shows and have him write articles on MMA.

i love reading his mail bag. its a good way to catch up on all the action without reading all the articles everyday.