UFC gets "sonned" at Super Bowl Media Day?


NEWARK — There was a big shiny belt making its way around the arena floor at Super Bowl Media Day on Tuesday morning. It was for the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and some members of the Denver Broncos were being asked to pose with it. The championship belt is pretty big and pretty ornate, so it catches your eye when you first see it.

And that's where the NFL had a problem with it.

Super Bowl Media Day is the NFL's show and while it credentials "reporters" from Nickelodeon (there was a guy dressed as a superhero), Spain (there was a guy dressed as Waldo) and Entertainment Tonight (um, self-explanatory) — it doesn't like anyone infringing on its event. So when an NFL official spotted a woman and a camera crew walking around the Prudential Center floor asking some Broncos to pose with the title belt, that wasn't going to fly.

"What is that?" the NFL official asked.

"The UFC title belt," the woman responded. "Want to hold it?"

Turns out the NFL official — Dennis Kayser, Senior Director of On-Field Operations for the league — didn't. He then politely asked the UFC folks to leave.

"We don't want this around here," he said. "This is wrestling stuff, right? Yeah, we don't want that associated with us and this event. This is the NFL."

The woman and her cameraman argued that UFC — which is mixed martial arts, not professional wrestling — is a corporate partner through Fox Sports. (Fox will broadcast Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday). Kayser was dubious of that. The woman then called over Fox Sports reporter and TV personality, Jay Glazer, who hosts UFC shows on the network to back her claim.

Glazer asserted that they were allowed to be in the building and were not trying to step on the NFL's toes in any way.

Kayser seemed convinced by Glazer's presence and argument. But he wanted to be clear that the crew was not to overshadow anything the NFL is trying to do on Tuesday's Media Day.

"Alright," he said. "But only do it with players on the floor. No podiums."

Jay Glazer starring as Wyatt Earp.

And then an executive pulled Kayser in to his office and explained to him the concept of promotion. I wonder if he gets confused when a commercial comes on television?

"I'm watching Football, why are they trying to sell me stuff?!". Must be 80 years old.

He seems like the kinda person to like shiny things. Phone Post 3.0

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I wouldn't say that was sonned considering they stayed and basically got there way. Phone Post 3.0

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