UFC Grand Prix idea

I think the UFC needs to get on board with some sort of tournament style.

What I think the UFC should do is have a tournament every 4 years like the olympics/world cup, etc., featuring the top 4 fighters from each weight class (need some ranking system).

That would make 10 fights for the first show, so maybe have each fight be like one 10-minute round, two 5-minute rounds, etc. so we could watch them all on ppv.

Then for the next show have the finals...featuring 5 fights which would be the final of each weight class.

I think it would be a great event to change things up every 4 years, be a great accomplishment for a fighter to win an event that happens only every 4 years, give fighters who are not the champion something to work for (top 4 ranking), and give the UFC a chance to do an opening ceremony.

Maybe the UFC could even do a medal ceremony at the end.


Does the NSAC allow torneys?

Not sure...although each night would be a single fight for each fighter.


The UFC has stagnated a bit for me. They need to do something diff/new.

my idea years ago

my idea before the beginning of time

Every since they got rid of the tournament format the quality of the events action has gone way down. A tournament creates its own drama as the winners move on and it is all settled in one night. I dont know about a GP type thing but I`m all for a tournament like the old glory days of the UFC.

My idea one day before anyone else had the idea. :)

Actually if you Google "Gary MacKinnon Joe Millionaire" you will find an article I wrote for MMAWeekly on this very topic in June 2003.

I will also ttt a thread here titled "UFC...scrap the belt idea", which lays out how the tourney format is very much doable.

UFC is getting lame and the cage is more for show than anything.