UFC gym in hawaii

Is it open?

 Has any one gone to it?

Whats the cost?

It's open. I see a lot of people posting about the classes they go to there.

I don't know anything else about it. Hopefully someone here will post their experience there.


I think it's like $30/ month if you just want to use the facilities or $90 if you were planning on wrestling/Bjj/box/etc.

I'm not a member but was able to check it out one day. The equipment looks nice although I have no clue how to use any of it.

If you want some laughs, join the gyms FB group page. There you can see what kind of idiotic shit fat girls and wanna be fighters post on there. It's due for some hardcore trolling. Phone Post

Befreiend these fat girls now while their self esteem is low.

reap the benifits when they slim down.

it's a real thing my friend Timmy Muranaka told me about.

 not sure about the one out there but the one here in Torrance is probably the best facilitated gym I've ever seen.   and yes alot of the fatties that started out are getting slim!!! 

:  ^ 0

yay! :)