UFC has some good champs now

CroCop at HW, Anderson Silva at MW, GSP at WW, and Chack at LHW

Sylvia is a joke, I highly commend Dana White for bringing the Croation champion to the UFC HW division

UFC is truly international now

Tito is the lhw champ

i like this idea of calling cro ufc champ already :)

I really don't like the way Sherk fights

anyone else but him at LW would be great

there is no way Tito is going to beat Chack

I'm just talking about the UFC champs now

Hubris, screen name bet?

i'm not a betting man

All talk and no walk, its just a name. I have a good one picked out for you, take a chance. You cant win if you dont play!!!!!

Yeah but your name sucks already!!!!!!!!! lol Fine!!!!!!!!!!! lets have it out in the open though....................whats my name gonna be if I lose? Yours will be........................let me think awhile

I'll take that bet, Chris.......

..... bring it.

im willing to bet anyone, lets get it over with. Whats are the names?

Chris..... you shall be known as......

..... TouchedByAnUncle.

...... I even gave you a test-drive in green.


Haven't seen Justice since I've been back.....

ok, loser gets that name




Loser gets that name?


No, you get that name if YOU lose, lol.

You gotta' give me a little creativity, brother.....

....... what would my name be?

lol, what could be worse than getting the name you wanted to give the loser? I like it.......uncle fucker, haha

I hate watching Sherk fight, but hell, who can possibly beat him? He has only been dominated once and it was by who many consider to be the best p4p fighter in GSP. GSP is also huge for a WW, so he was fighting up a weight class against a guy that could be MW.

I still think that the UFC MW division lacks a true champ. If they can get Linland in there, then whoever can come up on top out of the top 5 would be a true champ.