UFC HBO deal signed

Can't wait for HD, the PPV's are not available yet on

lol at the pro wrestling none sense, if the HBO team knew the difference between omoplata and gogoplata and triangle, I would be fine with them. But sadly I doubt they will, and probably not even trying to find out.

"HBO Just fieed larry merchant and replaced hi mwith max kellerman"

Really? Cool if true. Not that I watch boxing any more anyways.

Big Farmer and RLN, I hope you're right.

They better not have some no brain dipshits commentatin out there ass in our sport!!!

When asked by a reporter if the HBO deal is "signed, sealed, and delivered," White said, "Yes."

Dana later said the HBO deal isn't signed and he's just being cocky by saying it will happen.

have high hopes the UFC on HBO will be more about the fights and the fighters, rather than an over produced informercial for the product, sponsors and future events...

for those not familiar with HBO boxing event, in-between fights, they have very nicely produced intros, interviews and backgrounds on the fighters as well and predictions and expert analysis on the fights, rather than multiple commercials and hype for other events/movies...

It would be awesome to have Kellerman commentate but his heart is in boxing.

You can't have Boxing commentators speak on a sport they've bashed and have no knowledge of. Boo for HBO announce team

I hope they're smart enough to use Kellerman instead of Merchant !!!!

there's a better chance of them using james gandolfini than merchant...

"hbo FIRED merhcant -today. from boxing. kellerman took his place."

If so, that is the best news I have heard all day.

Commentator - "His legs are wrapped around his opponents head! Is legs are around his head!"

Altofsky you know its not real right? Lol

Yeah, it would be funny though.

If anyoone thinks that HBO boxing announcers are un-biased and detached, and don't hype their marquee boxers havn't watched boxing on HBO.

Just watch the Mosely/Delahoya broadcast on HBO and you'll see what I'm talking about. Lampley is a shameless company man who after years of watching the sport still doesn't know the first thing about boxing.

I trust HBO to put on a first class presentation. However, I'm not confident they are going to come up with the right commentary team... I think HBO will add even more professionalism to the whole production. Just not sure who they will come up with for the "blow-by-blow" etc.. Has me a little concerned because the first show will set a precedent and they really do NOT want to screw up the first event... I think Bas has to be part of that team IMO...

Damnit, so that means UFC 72 that was rumored to be on Spike will probably be on HBO which I dont have. I'm gonna have to get HBO too now? If this is the case, they better have events on there fairly often to make it worth paying for. Otherwise I'll have to subscribe and cancel everytime.

It will detract from the show if the commentators suck.....

"If anyone in this forum can understand mma, the HBO people can too, and probably better than most."

Right on. I'm pretty sure that someone like Lampley could probably fake it better than 90% of the so-called experts on the UG.

lol @ least the HBO crew doesn't make up bold face lies such as calling Sakara a "world class boxer" or claiming Royce is undefeated. A typical UFC PPV is a 3 hour infomercial.