UFC Heavyweight Championship (vid)

Sylvia vs. Arlovski

That isn't a video for a TV commercial, is it?? I hope not, as it is kinda poorly done.

The fading around the outside of the picture looks weak, and hearing 'it is all over' about 40 times is weak also....and the last screen looks homemade. In that last screen, the font used for the 'April 2nd' and 'for the heavyweight title' looks straight off a word processor, and it is kinda just 'wrong' looking how the first name on the right of the ad(in this case Andre Arlovski) is lined up with the left hand side of the last name. It looks out of place, and should be lined up with the right side of the last name for better symetry.

Please tell me that ad isn't going on TV!

nice trailer, im going with Sylvia.

Lenny, that is not a commercial.


BTW, my post was supposed to be constructive criticism.

nice video, I'm already hyped for the fight.

Yes, and I answered your question.

OK, that's it I'm going now.



I am really excited for that fight. go Sylvia!

Im going 60-40 in favor of Sylvia but I really think Arlovski has a shot at beating him and it should be a great fight

Straight rights down the pipe from someone 6'8" is going to smart Andrei real quick.

great job saucylv33.

awesome video, but you should end with sylvia shootin some roids

I don't care how they advertise it. Its gonna be good. I'm picking arlovski by pure russian willpower.

Don't know why but I think people have jumped on Tim's bandwagon a little early. Then again maybe Andre's too. But I say arlovski takes him down and pounds out a decision. Then again I've been wrong before. many times

For the first time in ages 2 guys who have really proven themselves in the UFC are fighting for the Hw e.

What more could you want?