UFC HW Division

With Ricco and Rizzo gone, the only 2 legit HW's they have are Arlovski and Sylvia.

Pride has Fedor, Nog, Cro Cop, and Coleman, all 4 of which I feel can beat the UFC's top 2 (of course they can go either way), though I do think the UFC's big 2 would beat Herring.

So all those who say UFC's HW division is just as good as Pride, LOL @ you. Consider this, GAN FRIGGIN' McGEE was the #1 contender a few shows ago! LOL

ok geek.

- Ricco will be back

- IMO Pride has FEDOR!

- Nog is really good but he hasn't looked impressive lately.

- CroCop is exciting as hell but as we are finding out, he needs some work!

- Coleman is most likely done.

- Herring is avg.

- Arlvoski is a STUD. Only 25!

- Cabbage is tough

- Sylvia just might be the 2nd best out there.

- And about Gan, he lasted a whole minute with Tim. However, he gave Herring a hell of a time.

"With Ricco and Rizzo gone, the only 2 legit HW's they have are Arlovski and Sylvia."

Make that one legit HW.

You could add Mir but it is still pretty sad

Pride has Fedor? Really?!?

You don't think Nog looked impressive against Cro Cop? Damn, I thought he looked pretty impressive.

Cro Cop may have things to work on but would still beat almost everyone out there.

Coleman can go to the UFC with the cage and run the gauntlet on ANYONE.

LMAO @ Cabbage being mentioned in the same breath with these guys. Cabbage is a fat pothead who barely trains. Cro Cop or Fedor would send him to the COMA WARD.

"- Nog is really good but he hasn't looked impressive lately."

And people wonder why this sport isn't growing. With comments like this who needs enemies!?!??!

No I don't think Nog looked impressive against CroCop. He showed a lot of heart though. He was getting slaughtered. He also got slaughtered by Fedor and looked pretty bad in the GP.

Coleman would not beat Arlovski or Sylva.

I said Cabbage was tough, not stellar.

Coleman vs. Arlovski would be competitive. Coleman would take down Sylvia in 10 seconds and pound his face into hamburger against the cage. No way in hell does Sylvia submit Coleman or keep it standing.

I'd say Ricco by boring ground n pound decision. I think it would look similar (I think the same exact fight in the UFC would have had Ricco winning it) and I htink with the cage, alot of Nog's tools are easier to neutralize.

I love Coleman but you seem to forget he's only beaten Igor who was coming off of 2 tough fights that night.

and I have no idea what you're talking about nathan

""With Ricco and Rizzo gone, the only 2 legit HW's they have are Arlovski and Sylvia."
Make that one legit HW. "

why the hating on Arlovski?

I'm talking about the fact that keyboard warriors questioning Nog's performances and saying that he hasn't looked impressive lately. I just find that kind of stuff hard to swallow. If so called fans can't appreciate someone like Nog, how the hell can we complain about ESPN, Fox Sports, etc not wanting to cover this sport properly.

shut up.. you're a fool if you think I'm the keyboard warrior after reading numerouno's post. How am I hurting the sport by sticking up for the UFC HW div.

you're a geek too!

how is saying someone hasn't looked impressive as of late hard to swallow? I never said he sucked. He's a top fighter.

Are you saying he's looked better than he has a year or 2 ago? no way. that's all.

If you break the HW's into groups you have;

Mino, Fedor, Cro Cop, Arlovsky, Sylvia, Ricco, Kharitonov and Coleman are all in a competitive group. Now mind you, Fedor is CLEARLY the number one guy.

The next group would include Herring, Cabbage, Mir, Vovchanchin, The guy who beat Sims, and maybe a few others here and there.

Bottom line, yes Pride does have the most quantity of top HW's at the moment. But, it is not lopsided. Sylvia, Arlovsky, and Ricco can hang with any of Prides top HW's. It just depends on who would be matched against who since styles really do make fights.

McGee was never the number one contender. He was booked against Tim because of the novelty idea of Giant vs. Giant. Nobody in their right mind ever thought McGee was a number one contender.

this thread is ridiculous, if the UFC HW's suck so bad get your ass in there numerouno. Then we can make threads on how shitty you are.

ShotCaller you are hurting the sport.

Don't know if Vladdy is still in the UFC but I'd pick
him over a lot of guys.

I've been to 8 live UFC's and 2 Pride's. And have ordered every show. Yep..I'm killing this sport.

Yeah ShotCaller, quit hurting the sport -sarcasm-