Sylvia, arlovski, ricco and mir would hold there own against any four of prides hws.

lol @ mir 2


"Fedor or Mirko V CroCop would be wars!!!Mirko would fight himself?

UFC doesnt hold a candle

Mirco vs himself would be great.

"Mirko V CroCop "

That fight already happened. It was a draw.


and everyone who laughs at the prospect of UFC being able to put together 16 HWs, let me clue you in--PRIDE didn't either!

The PRIDE Elimination Round included 4 of the world's top 20 HWs: Fedor, Nogueira, Cro Cop and Herring.

UFC could put together a solid HW tournament with Sylvia, Arlovski, Mir, Cabbage, if they re-signed others who fought for them recently like Rizzo, Ricco, Matyushenko

Coleman is easily top 20, dog.

"UFC has much more talent overall then Pride does"

DUDE!! we agree on almost everything but WTF are you thinking??

I like Ufc as good as the next guy-buy all their shows BUT-Pride clearly has better fighters

goku is correct.

"DUDE!! we agree on almost everything but WTF are you thinking??"

He's thinking UFC has the better fighters...

The Pride-GP was designed to highlight a few guys. In particular Fedor, Mino, and Cro-Cop were all supposed to advance. Sergei and Herring were likely to advance to be spoilers in round 2. Coleman was there as a big spoiler in round 1 and as a way for the most likely winner of the GP to beat the previous winner.

Randleman's win over Cro-Cop is the only thing that's really changed that. With a little luck and a good draw I think anyone except Silva and Ogawa can win...and with the right money, maybe Ogawa can at least make it to the next round ;)

Mir would get jacked up by anyone there, possibly even Silva. Sylvia, Ricco, and Arlovski would all be right at home though. I see Sylvia against anyone left as even money except I think Fedor would beat him 70% of the time.

"Mir would get jacked up by anyone there, possibly even Silva."

Why do you even watch fights, Yoda?

"DUDE!! we agree on almost everything but WTF are you thinking??"

"He's thinking UFC has the better fighters..."

What are you a mindreader or something

man, why rag on Pride for the 16 fighters they selected.

what 16 fighters do you think the UFC would've selected? Tank? Kimo?

no show UFC or PRIDE can assemble 16 top HW fighters

UFC could have easily put together an 8-man tournament of top-ranked HW fighters. So could PRIDE but they didn't.

Sylvia ~ Maybe

Arlovski ~ I agree

Ricco ~ Only if he plumps out and lays there

Mir ~ Has yet to be really tested

LOL at people just refusing out of hand the possibility of UFC HW's winning.

I never though KR would beat Cro Cop either.

I think there's a number of US HW's competing in the smaller orgs who would have more than a good shot against Pride's 5-20 HW's.