UFC Hwt's??

Who could the UFC get to make the division deeper? My thoughts are

Edson Drago (7-0) they could build this guy quick

Lebanner(3-1-1) K-1 star that has the nasty standup to KO anyone

Tengiz Tedoradze (18-5)

Devin Cole (9-1)Big win over Mike Kyle

Waterman would be good also, he is kinda boring to watch but he a good fighter, and Ricco also if he gets in shape.

Sims needs a few more wins to get back in the UFC, but he is exciting and fun to watch. Maybe Sims could fight Imes.

Now is the time for the UFC to spend some money on heavy's. 1. Cro Cop 2. Mark Kerr 3. Semmy Schilt

Cro Cop, Schilt and Kerr would be awesome. Kerr would be huge for marketiung if he couldget in shape. Maybe he could fight on a spike show against a TUF heavy to get some rust off and then fight the bigger names.


Fedor. I wish.

Shit, take off the 265lb weight limit and they could get someone like Antonio Silva.

Ben Rothwell(18-5) would be good also too bad he is with the IFL.

Edson Drago for sure. He's got a pretty impressive record so far.

I also like the idea of bringing in Devin Cole.

Devin Cole is with the IFL also, Tigersharks

The top American Heavyweights, namely Barnett, Herring, and Ricco if he's healthy. They probably have the better shot at Herring and Ricco, than they do with Barnett.

Two good experienced Heavyweights would do wonders for the division. They have enough guys they are developing.

A healthy Frank Mir would also be fantastic.

Pride nuthuggers will always claim that the UFC is hopeless, but take away Nog and Fedor and there is not a hell of alot of difference.

Ricco looked slim last night. He's definately looking to make a comeback. With Kerr coming back, Ricco getting back into shape, Herring talking about coming to the UFC, they could put together a great heavyweight division if they put their dollar up. It's going to be interesting.

Top level: Sylvia and Arlovski. Ricco and Mir if healthy.
Add-Herring would fit in here, Barnett would ideal, Crocop a dream

Journeymen: Buentello, Assuerio Silva (a nice addition), Monson (we'll see if he can ascend), Branden Hinkle
Add- Tengiz Tedardze, who else?

Developing: Cruz and Vera have huge upsides, Gonzaga (I believe has alot more to show), Imes, Murphy, Christison, Aldana( I really like this guy), Scherner
Add- Edson Drago, who else?