UFC in Colorado - Ticket Info

Vera vs. Jones takes place Sunday, March 21st at the Odeum Colorado in Broomfield. Tickets are on sale this week:

Fight Club - Thursday, January 14

Newsletter - Friday, January 15

Public - Saturday, January 16

Tickets available to purchase at WWW.TICKETHORSE.COM. Take note of the website. WWW.TICKETHORSE.COM

Prices are $300, $150, $75 and $50.


Brandon Vera: "I’m honored to be headlining the first ever UFC on VERSUS... On March 21st, when I fight Jon Jones, we’re gonna find out how hard his "Bones" are."

Jon Jones: "I’m really starting to believe in myself and that I do belong here at the top. I’m working really hard and I know you have to fight the best and beat the best in order to be the best, and that’s what I’ll be doing when I take on Brandon Vera on March 21st."


Won't be able to watch since I don't have Versus!!

Nice - thanks for the heads up. I definitely want to go to this show.

This card is going to be sick. Still waiting on bout agreements to come back so I can't post yet officially.

Tease! =) Any flyer image / poster out yet?


And the image that goes out tomorrow for the email blast is not the poster.

How far is the Odeum Colorado in Broomfield from downtown Denver?

I may be in Denver that weekend, but I don't have a car.


Heddy - Won't be able to watch since I don't have Versus!!

Me either, but I live in Denver!

20 minutes.

Beth, any idea on who has the rights to show this event in Canada?

We're working on it.

Saucy, what are the chances of the UFC having a show in Texas again, this year? I need to make travel plans.

Saucy, are negotations going on with DirecTV?

 Looking great.

Dos Santos vs. Gonzaga



just got my tickets - 6th row floors - $150 each - I think the first 5 rows are $300 each - value shopper