UFC in HD = $50

these ppv prices are really getting outrageous!


$40 if not in HD

what a rip off. it's not on my icontrol, digital cable. stupid piece of shit. i wish icontrol would get with the fucking program.

I always have people over from the gym I go to. I've never charged before, this time I told them $5 for the cost of PPV and food. That really sucks. Don't want to charge people, and I'm not trying to make money, but damn it adds up!

$39.99 with DishHD, yeah!

cant believe they would charge 10 more for HD

I don't see shit for Time Warner carrying this show in HD.

I am in Columbus, Ohio, I have the HD Package, all of that shit. I am thinking it's not being made available in HD in this area, or maybe just through Time Warner altogether. Can someone confirm that I am correct, or in fact a retard?

From Dish Website:

UFC 67: All or Nothing - SD

Standard Definition. Don't miss Anderson Silva against winner of The Ultimate Fighter 4 Travis Lutter! Plus see the UFC debut of Quinton Jackson and Mirko CroCop! ALSO AVAILABLE IN HD FOR $49.95. FOR HD, ORDER ON CHANNEL 9467 OR CALL 1-877-DISH PPV.


Yeah that's weird.

It does say $39.95 on the Dish order screen, but I'm guessing that's an error. Either way, Dish subscriber's have a reason to bitch if they're charged $49.95.

Unfortunately, not.

"With the constant increases in PPV price, the bootleg industry is going to explode.
Just think of how many DVDs a guy could sell for 10 bucks on the day after the event."

Fact is you can download it for free the next day.

"With the constant increases in PPV price, the bootleg industry is going to explode. "

Or, as is actually the case, PPV buys continue to climb.

fuck paying this $50.

my friends just told me about a bar that's showing it for free.